Amro M. Farid — Assistant Professor, Masdar Institute of Science & Technology
Friday, December 5, 2014 — 12:00–1:00 pm

Electrified modes of transportation: vehicles, buses and trains fundamentally couple the transportation and power grids. This coupling presents new challenges in the operation of each system which would not have existed if each was operated independently. This presentation advocates an enhanced Intelligent Transportation Energy System (ITES) which includes an integrated approach to transportation and energy management. At its core, the ITES requires a new transportation electrification assessment methodology that draws upon microscopic traffic simulation, power grid dynamics, and Big Data-Driven use case modeling. Such an ITES would come to include coupled operations management decisions including: vehicle dispatching, charging queue management, coordinated charging, and vehicle-to-grid ancillary services. The presentation concludes with simulation results from the first full scale electric vehicle integration study which was recently conducted for a taxi-fleet use case in Abu Dhabi. The study suggests a close collaboration between the Abu Dhabi Department of Transportation and the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority in future large scale deployments of electrified transportation.

About the speaker

Prof. Amro M. Farid ( received his Sc. B. in 2000 and his Sc. M. 2002 from the MIT Mechanical Engineering Department. He went onto complete his Ph.D. degree at the Institute for Manufacturing within the University of Cambridge (UK) Engineering Department in 2007. He has varied industrial experiences from the automotive, semiconductor, defense, chemical, and manufacturing sectors. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Engineering Systems & Management at the Masdar Institute of Science & Technology in Abu Dhabi, UAE and leads the Laboratory for Intelligent Integrated Networks of Engineering Systems (LIINES). The laboratory maintains an active research program in Smart Power Grids; Energy-Water Nexus; Energy-Transportation Nexus; Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems; Sustainable Systems.

He is also a Visiting Scientist at the MIT Mechanical Engineering Department. He has made active contributions to the MIT-Masdar Institute Collaborative Initiative, the MIT Future of the Electricity Grid Study, and the IEEE Vision for Smart Grid Controls. He currently serves on the Executive Committee for the Council of Engineering Systems Universities (CESUN), the Executive Committee for Axiomatic Design, the IEEE Control Systems Society Technical Committee on Smart Grids, the IEEE Systems, Man & Cybernetics Technical Committee on Distributed Intelligent Systems, the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Technical Committee on Industrial Agents, and the ASME Dynamics Systems & Control Division.